Open Carry is Coming

Remember folks, as of January 1st those with a valid CHL will be able to open carry. Keep your eyes out for the proper signage and if you feel the need to wear one on your hip, do so responsibly and respect the wishes of the property owners should they decide not to allow it within their establishments.

Your right to carry does not trump their rights on their own property.

Responsible Carry

When you get your CHL you do not suddenly become Rambo or Super Cop. Use your common sense and respond accordingly. Ignore the politicos and pundits on either side of the aisle; they will not be there if something like this happens.

Sloppy Carry

For the love of Pete. If you’re going to carry, you need to be constantly aware of your surroundings (even if you’re not carrying for that matter) and just as importantly, you need to be aware of where your firearm is and who can see it or reach it.

Those who are don’t follow tis advice open themselves up to this.

A Safe 2015

I hope all of you had a safe and fun New Years Eve.

Here at On Target Training have always been focused on the safe handling of firearms, regardless of what your interests are. Whether you are getting into IDPA, backyard plinking, home protection or conceal carry, safety is at the heart of the fundamentals, and fundamentals can never be practiced enough.

In the spirit of this philosophy, we have cut the cost for the Introduction to Handguns class in half to just $35.

Now, in 2015, is a great time to get introduced to the hobby or brush up on some rusty skills.


Another unfortunate example of complacency. People; if you’re going to carry, make sure you know where that firearm is at all times and that it is secured.

Sad Example

People, if you don’t have the proper respect, habits and knowledge concerning firearms; this is what happens.

Please, get at least the fundamentals down before you purchase.

Why Should I Train

An excellent article here that gives insight into you should take training.

Schedule Lead Time

Hello everyone,

We are happy to announce that we will no longer need a 7 day lead time for class scheduling. We have found a range that includes a classroom that will let us schedule afternoon classes with only 24 hours notice.

This is a big deal for On Target Training and will allow us to provide a much more flexible schedule to give our students better options. Look for the updated classes page in the next day or two as we rearrange the class options.

In the mean time, if you wish to schedule a class prior to the rebuilding of the page, please call or email us and we can work out what arrangements you would like to make.

Concealed Handgun License

Hello everyone,

We are officially offering CHL classes.

Web Development

We’ve pulled the trigger on hiring a web developer to setup a calender that we can use to schedule classes and allow for online booking and payment. Moving the site into the 21st century.